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Located on the bank of Danube river, Regensburg is a medieval city with an old charm. For more than 600 years, until Napoleon came, Regensburg has been a free imperial city and a buzzing trade and cultural center. Lots of the medieval architecture survived the centuries and even the devastations of Second World War. Regensburg is significantly a historic city in a unique state of preservation, living witness to two thousand years of rich and colorful history.

The 2,000-year-old heritage of  Regensburg, don't make the city into an architectural theme park. It's an vibrant, generous and prosperous town of 142,000 with a major university that gives a lively boost to the cultural and entertainment scene. Best of all, Regensburg is off the main American and British tourist circuit, so you'll feel that you're visiting "the real Germany".

At every turn, a tourist can explore a truly outstanding historical monuments and architectural marvels. The experience is deepened by the exquisite collections at the city's fine museums, and made yet more enjoyable by the typically Bavarian hospitality of the locals. Located on the beautiful Danube, Regensburg is also the perfect starting-place for river cruises and excursions.

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