Lindau Vacation Guide

Situated by the Bodensee, Lindau is an old city center is on an island in the sea, connected to the mainland with two bridges. In the southwest the district borders Lake Constance, more precisely its eastern part known as Obersee. To the north the countryside rises to the hills of the western Allgau mountains.

Lindau is a district in Bavaria, Germany enclosed by the district of Unterallgau, Austria, lake Constance and the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The city of Lindau became a Free Imperial City in the 13th century, that means it was directly subordinate to the emperor. The rural areas around Lindau were property of monasteries or tiny counties, that emerged and sank in the region. When French troops under Napolean entered the area, all these entities were dissolved. In 1806 the region fell to Bavaria

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