Garmisch Partenkirchen Vacation Guide

Garmisch Partenkirchen is the largest alpine resort has a split personality, rather, it's because Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany is both a world-class ski resort and a summer vacation playground. When the skiing finally stops in early May, the town has just over a month to prepare itself for a summer onslaught of hikers, mountain-climbers, cyclists, spa aficionados, folklore enthusiasts, and high-altitude sun seekers. The town consists of two towns that were merged for the 1936 Olympic Winter Games.

The town has some 27,500 residents, but the daytime population may be closer to 50,000. Still, there's plenty of space for sportif folk and sightseers--ranging from the 73 km of marked ski pistes and 100 km of walking paths in the winter to more than 300 km of alpine trails in the warmer months.

The town also boost a rich history and culture. Local people of the town often dress in traditional styles, Dirndl" for women and "Lederhosen" for men. Many of the older buildings are decorated with beautiful frescoes - wall paintings that are often centuries old. All around is magnificent mountain scenery, dominated by the mighty Zugspitze to which lifts rise over 2,100 meters from Garmisch - producing one of the world's biggest lift served verticals.

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