Wurzburg Vacation Guide

Wurzburg, a university town, capital of the realm of Lower Franconia. The abode is situated on the Main, 60 m. by rail southeast. An ancient stone bridge 650 ft. long and adorned with statues of saints, and two modern bridges, the Luitpold, built in 1887 and the Ludwig built in 1894, connect the two parts of the town on each side of the river. On the lofty Leistenberg stands the fortress of Marienberg, which from 1261 to 1720 was the residence of the bishops.

The Main-Franconian region of Wurtzburg lies in a basin below the wooded mountains of the Spessart that guarantees a mild climate and makes it possible to cultivate wine grapes. The high proportion of open land to industrialized area makes for clean air, peace and quiet. There is a network of footpaths as well as extensive bike paths throughout the domain.

The Wuerzburg is a cultural city that encloses the classics and the avant garde, a fondness for local traditions and an openness to the world. Some of the famous events in the region such as the Mozart Festival, a world-class festival of classical music or the Africa Festival, one of Europe's major festivals of African music, attract hundreds of thousands tourists all the year round.

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