Rosenheim Vacation Guide

Located in the lovely Cheigmau is an knot point of very old streets from northern Europe to the south or from west or east. Road over 2500 years ago traders were riding from the northern coasts of Germany dealing with amber in Italy and bringing back stuff from there to the countries. Later on the salt traders used these station to rest on their way from Salzburg to Augsburg or coming from Insbruck to Regensburg. Situated in the picturesque Southern Bavarian foothills between Munich and Salzburg, Rosenheim is situated approx. 10 km from Lake Sims and 25 km from lovely Lake Chiemgau.

Rosenheim is a booming town and is appropriate for short sweet vacations. This old trading town on the river Inn has a historic town center offering a certain amount of Italian flair with its pretty cafas, restaurants and good shopping opportunities. The informal sector into and around Rosenheim is of great importance. The proximity to the mountains and lakes as well as cultural highlights offer much to it's guests. The alps are very close for great winter skiing and Rosenheim prepare lanes for ski-walking. There are many enchanting lakes which are invites tourist to swim in the summer.

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